Roman Numerals 2

Improved support for large numbers, updated for iOS 7 and iPhone 5, and a Calculator in-app purchase.

If 3+2=5 then 5-2=?

Fun way of learning the addition and subtraction facts, along with facts families and number bonds on your iPhone or iPad.

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Roman Numerals 2.0

A new version of Roman Numerals should be available in the App Store. This version not only updates the interface for iOS 7 and 4” retina displays, but it also adds the over line mode for large numbers, which is now the default.

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Times Tables 3.0

A completely new version of Times Tables has been published. This version marks the start of a series of updates to this app. In particular, the players can compare their highscores with one another and choose which level they want to play a specific table.

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You & Me World Clock

A new app has been released: You & Me World Clock. This app allows you to easily keep track of what time it is in another part of the world, very useful if you have friends, family, or colleagues in another part of the world, or in particular if your partner is away and you instantly want to know what time it is and if you can send them a message without waking them up.

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