Roman Numerals 2

Improved support for large numbers, updated for iOS 7 and iPhone 5, and a Calculator in-app purchase.

If 3+2=5 then 5-2=?

Fun way of learning the addition and subtraction facts, along with facts families and number bonds on your iPhone or iPad.

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Maths Facts update (1.0.2)

Another update to Maths Facts has been released that fixes a couple of cosmetic bugs in the addition and subtraction games that occurred when the correct answer was shown.

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Maths Fact update (1.0.1)

A new update to Maths Facts has been released and it should be available on the app store shortly. This fixes a bug in the fact families game that occurred when tiles where swapped over.

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Maths Facts videos

Vidoes showing Maths Facts in operation have been posted to the cloudpebbles channel on YouTube, and the first ones have been included here.

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