Roman Numerals 2

Improved support for large numbers, updated for iOS 7 and iPhone 5, and a Calculator in-app purchase.

If 3+2=5 then 5-2=?

Fun way of learning the addition and subtraction facts, along with facts families and number bonds on your iPhone or iPad.

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Maths Facts

Our latest app, Maths Facts, has been released on the app store. This app aims to help children learn their addition and subtraction facts, along with the facts families and number bonds.

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Email information

The old website still works, but all of the information has moved to this site. The old email address will work too because it is linked to inside the iPhone/iPad apps, but the new email address is or alternatively there is the twitter account @cloudpebbles that you can use too.

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cloudpebbles website

We are currently moving from to our new home. Here you will find information about our iPhone and iPad apps and you can get in touch with us. The old blog posts are still temporarily available at the old website, but new material will be posted here.

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