Support for Roman Numerals | Converter

This is the support page for Roman Numerals : Converter.

Why do my numbers appear as Ⅰ̅ CIV instead of normal Roman Numerals?

In Roman Numerals 2, the app will automatically convert numbers above 3999 using an archaic mode. In this mode, numbers appear with a bar over them (for example v̅) and multiple the number by 1000. If you want to view these numbers as MMMM… then you can just tap on the Ⅱ̅ button on the bottom left.

What are these archaic modes?

By default, large numbers will appear with a bar above them (for example v̅), however this can be turned off while converting numbers, or changed in the Settings, where you can find the option to have large numbers appear as IↃↃ or MMMMM, or the default v̅.

Are MCIV and Ⅰ̅ CIV the same?

MCIV and Ⅰ̅ CIV both mean 1104, but the first version is using the more familiar M=1000, whereas the second version is using the archaic but more powerful version where Ⅰ̅=11000 (and v̅=51000, etc).

I have reinstalled the app, how can I get my purchases again?

If you delete the app, you don’t need to buy the in-app purchases again, just tap on restore purchases and everything should reappear as before.